My Daddy's Heart Is Purple


I have written this children's book in honor of my son, and all those who have served.  The book is intended to help children who have lost a parent or loved one serving our country. It clearly explains to a child what a Purple Heart Medal is and why it is given



My name is Karl Porfirio.  My son, Senior Airman Tre Porfirio was critically wounded taking three bullets in his back while serving in Afghanistan.  Although he underwent many surgeries, he still succumbed to those injuries. Tre left behind his 8 month old son Landon.  I wrote this book in children's fashion, so he and all other children who have lost their parent due to war ,might better understand their sacrifices. My hopes are that all military families and those that support us will own a copy of this book.  I can be reached via e- mail by clicking the button below.  Thank you for supporting our troops and their families.


I hope you will purchase my children's book, designed to honor all of our military and veterans, and especially those who have fallen. It would make a great gift for a child to better understand the sacrifices that a military family makes every day. It is intended to teach the meaning of the Purple Heart and to instill a sense of pride for those who serve.


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